Elevated Rapid Transit System in Greenville, South Carolina

Elevated Rapid Transit System in Greenville, South Carolina

31 Mar 2015

Greenville is ready to grow by leaps and bounds. Are you prepared to meet the market demand? Do you have Greenville commercial property in your sights? If so, now is the time to buy, so you can develop a presence before other companies do. So, what’s the big deal in Greenville these days? How about elevated rapid transit?

What is Elevated Rapid Transit?
Elevated rapid transit is exactly what it sounds like, a transit system that is elevated to be overhead, rather than using traditional ground routes. The advantage of an overhead system is that you never have to worry about traffic slowing the system down or the system causing frustrating issues with day to day travel on the ground.

Think in terms of pods and cables. These pods will hold four to six people at a time, enough for a cozy group, but not so much that you have a crowd shoved into close personal quarters together. There is no driver which helps to reduce costs. Instead, the pods run on cables that take passengers to specific destinations. How long is the wait time? How about 30 seconds or pretty close to it? Forget about waiting for a bus that’s going to make multiple stops on the way to your personal destination. When you order a pod, it arrives within 30 seconds and takes you (and/or your group) directly to your destination.

Businesses Profit
If you are a business owner, you’ll want to make sure your Greenville commercial property is one of the direct destinations that the pods will go to. Your customers won’t have to worry about paying for parking, dealing with traffic, or any of the other issues they might encounter by using an alternate method to get to your place of business. Instead, they’ll have a direct line right to a drop off spot that you can design to be as welcoming as possible. Not only does this provide a new convenience for your customers; it also gives your company a whole new way to advertise.

Let’s Talk Numbers
This isn’t a topic that was considered lightly. The studies have been completed and they show significant numbers in terms of economic growth. In fact, the studies project that four times as many people will use the pods as opposed to the bus system. That’s four times the potential customers for local businesses. What about the taxpayers though?

The beauty of this plan is that it doesn’t cost the taxpayers a dime. Initial investments by private investors will foot the bill, which will in turn be repaid and hopefully turned into a profit by the fares paid. If you want your business to be a success, and you want to be a part of top of the line technology in an era where technology is everything, now is the time to start looking at commercial real estate. Greenville real estate is likely only going to become more popular after the new elevated rapid transport system is in place, so contact Spencer/Hines Properties today to see the different types of commercial real estate that are still available in the area.

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