SpencerHines sponsors a Spot of Pride in our Spartanburg Community.

SpencerHines sponsors a Spot of Pride in our Spartanburg Community.

31 Jan 2013
Think for a moment, what will draw businesses to our town? What can help revitalize this city into one of the top locations to be in the Carolinas? Spencer Hines Properties would like to do our part in helping jumpstart our economy in this city. Our business is commercial real-estate, but new companies and family owned business’ are looking for great locations in beautiful places. We have that here in Spartanburg! We can help continue this process by being involved in local programs that citizens of Spartanburg have created to show their pride in our city. One of these programs is called “Spot of Pride.”
The Spot of Pride Beautification Program allows for local business and individuals to be personally involved in keeping our city and county a beautiful place to work and live. Sponsors help in the cost of
landscaping and maintenance of designated areas around Spartanburg. Spencer Hines Properties proudly adopted one “Spot of Pride” location along the John B. White Sr. Blvd. for a term of three years beginning in 2013. In order for Spartanburg to be one of the top locations for new business and residential development, we must all do our part in keeping our home town a beautiful place to be.

If you would like to sponsor a Spot of Pride, please contact Wanda Miller, the Administrative Coordinator, at (864) 599-6363.

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