New Erwin Penland Building Will Change Downtown Skyline

New Erwin Penland Building Will Change Downtown Skyline

27 Apr 2015

It’s no secret that Greenville is growing rapidly. In fact, the plans for the Elevated Rapid Transit system may have gotten the most attention recently, but they aren’t the only plans in the works. The very face of Greenville commercial real estate is changing by leaps and bounds and is starting to include more things like air bridges that connect related buildings. If you want to get in on the ground floor of a city that is bursting into the future with well-developed and technologically sound commercial real estate, Greenville should be on your list of top 5 places to look into. Recently, the biggest plan for change to the Greenville skyline is the new Erwin Penland building that is being constructed.

Connections Between Buildings
The new Erwin Penland building is being built in order to expand the area in use, but it’s not going to replace the old Erwin Penland building. Instead, it will connect to the old building by way of an air bridge. This will make it more convenient for those who need to go from one building to the other, but don’t necessarily want or need to step outside and walk around. This may take efficiency to a whole new level.

Five Stories of Office Space
Many people are wondering just how much space this new building is going to take up. The answer to that question is five stories or 125K square feet. This is by no means going to be just a little structure housed between the SunTrust and Greenville Hospital Systems office space. In fact, it will be large enough to be seen in full from the bridge.

For those who balk at change within their community, know that this is a sign of expansion in a time when the economy is struggling to thrive. The new Erwin Penland building should be a reminder to you that change is sometimes a good thing. And honestly, if a new building has to go up, why not one with an air bridge? This type of planning within the scope of Greenville commercial buildings is ingenuity at its finest. The amount of office space will increase, but there are very few concerns about the foot traffic around the building becoming congested, simply because of the air bridge that will be installed. If you’re curious about this building or you are interested in other types of buildings for lease in Greenville, contact Spencer/Hines today or visit the Spencer/Hines website at

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