First Annual SpencerHines Properties Cook Off!

First Annual SpencerHines Properties Cook Off!

14 May 2013

First Annual Spencer/Hines Properties Cook Off!

Spencer/Hines Properties started a new tradition this year that helped bring this already tight knit family of brokers, agents, and assistants a little closer together.

The Challenge: Make the best homemade barbeque sauce from scratch without any outside help.

The Contestants: Ben Hines, Andy Hayes, Guy Harris, Chip Hurst, Robbie Romeiser, Lynn Spencer, David Strickland, Craig Jacobs, and Neal Boyett.

The Judging: We had ourselves an all-out barbeque feast accompanied by homemade coleslaw, macaroni salad, deviled eggs, baked beans, slider rolls, and a lot of really good BARBEQUE! Each contestant had a good sampling of his barbeque sauce in a numbered red solo cup. Everyone in attendance sampled each homemade barbeque sauce and then proceeded to place a token by their favorite sauce.

The Winner: Who do you think wins??? None other than our very own PRESIDENT of Spencer/Hines Properties, BEN HINES! He was stoked to say the least! I must be honest in saying that it did taste amazing! However, I think we have some pretty good male chefs in the office, because I didn’t taste one that I didn’t like. I am definitely looking forward to the office’s upcoming challenges now that I know that our guys can actually cook!

            So to finish it off… WE CROWN BEN HINES, BARBEQUE KING!!!

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