20 Qualities to look for in a Commercial Real Estate Broker

20 Qualities to look for in a Commercial Real Estate Broker

12 Jan 2015

There are many things that go into being a successful commercial real estate broker. A broker’s success might depend on his or her company, or the market they serve. However, one of the biggest factors is the intangible, the personality of the agent.

A GREAT commercial real estate broker:

  1. Is not afraid of the unknown. Puts personal fears aside and strives to succeed.
  2. Is like a Boy or Girl Scout, ready for problems with solutions in mind.
  3. Has the ability to handle stress well, both internally and with the client.
  4. Has an inner sense of what it takes to meet the client’s goals.
  5. Is crafty in trade dealings; always fair, but is ready to take advantage of situations that favor the client.
  6. Is firm and resolute.
  7. Is kind, friendly, and has a warm demeanor, a “people person.”
  8. Does not allow grudges to interfere with a transaction, and is always professional.
  9. Exudes authority, is confident and can take charge of the situation.
  10. Is alert to, and aware of, changing situations.
  11. Is glib and able to turn situations to the client’s favor.
  12. Is thick skinned.
  13. Is sensitive and considerate.
  14. Has the patience of a saint and the willingness to do what it takes to satisfy the client.
  15. Is cheery, but underneath keeps an unwavering eye on the goal.
  16. Refuses to settle, and strives for what is right.
  17. Is able to exert his or her will over others, gently but firmly.
  18. Has the courage to succeed. Winston Churchill said failure wasn’t fatal – it was the courage to continue that counted.
  19. Is able to admit mistakes and say, “I’m wrong.” This may be a hard trait to acquire. However, it often can make the difference between success and failure.
  20. Never gives up.

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